Monday, 5 April 2010

Long time no nothing

Evening Daniel

I know it's been a while, and for that I apologise. I've been trying to sleep for a while now and it's not coming to me so here I am... saying hi again after a few months.

And what a few months it's been.

I got over him. The one who I fell head over heels for and then got wounded by, I'm over him. There has been little contact, but the little contact there has been has been more than manageable. I just feel sorry for him now, knowing what he missed out on... his loss, Danny Boy! ;)

And now. Well, I might have just gone and done it again.

Yup, me and love. I don't do it, right? Wellllll... maybe, just maybe, this love thing is on the lookout for me because I've managed to fall into it again. How careless of me!

The guy (we'll call him Boyo) is incredible. Handsome, fit, footballer's legs (!), toned and tanned (yum!)... but it's more than that. I can be myself with him. There are two people I can be myself with - one, I have known my whole life (my old man!), and the other is my very best friend. That's it. Both a long-term part of my little life. But this man. Wow!! He's got into my head, my heart, my soul. Everything. I think he could be my everything.

He said to me last time we spoke "I don't want you to be scared of us. I wanna be the closest to you anyone's ever been... I want you to know me better than anyone. I want us so much." I am scared. Friggin' petrified!

I don't *do* love. But now it looks like I do! And so does he.

What happened to the Ice Queen? She thawed, Daniel. She thawed out...

Much love and smooching, F xxxx

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